Voting machine chess

[Floor] sent in this PDF [I've mirrored it here] describing how to get a game of chess running on a dutch voting machine. (Even better, it describes how to monitor who’s voting for what via RF emissions) They did a thorough job of hacking the daylights out of it and proving the insecurity on these machines. You can get some more details on the web site.

Toorcon anonymous presentation

I promised that I’d follow up on some Toorcon stuff later this week, so here it is. I believe I was present for the first ever anonymous presentation at a con. I’ve been waiting for the presentation information to get posted on the TOR wiki, and today I finally found it. The presentation is from the TRON: HE FIGHTS FOR THE USER talk. The idea worked out very well. We could hear the presenter quite well the entire time The combination of TOR, VNC, and Ventrillo was unique. We were even able to ask the speaker questions at the end. The talk opens up some very interesting possibilities. Instead of being able to arrest someone before/after a talk, someone could present on a controversial issue with less fear of corporate/government fallout. Check out the wiki page for more information.


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