Hack Day Winners

Yahoo recently held *Ahem* Hack Day developers conference/workshop. The winner’s pictured – a ‘blogging purse’. It looks like it just uploads images. The details are a bit on the weak side, but some of the stuff looks neat. The purse contains a camera, basic stamp, pedometer and Nokia phone.
The YBox is some sort of network to TV gateway (Microcontroller, Ethernet, IR reciever, RF out in an altoids tin). Looks like it pulls data from yahoo channels, but supposedly it’s configurable for custom data.

Speaking of contests, [David] pointed out this ARM design contest – entering will garner you a free dev kit.


  1. ... says:

    Wow, I like the y-box!

    I just wish that there was a real website about the production of it, and some source code… Gotta love the new PIC’s :)

    I can think of way too many uses for $10 ethernet->tv box…

    Display the stats for your HAD f@h b0rg on a big huge TV ;0

  2. Erik says:

    Everytime i see “hackday”, i always think it’s “hack a day”

    Yahoo, you suck. Stealing names.. tsk tsk.

  3. Elliott says:

    how do you go about entering the arm contest?

  4. [c]arlos says:

    @3. This seems to be what you are looking for:

    I’m interested in that ybox, and the contest looks intriguing also. Maybe it’s time to finally get into embedded stuff like I’ve been telling myself for a while….


  5. [c]arlos says:

    Additionally, entering the contest does not, in fact, get you one of the kits. You have to submit a separate kit application, but unfortunately, all the free kits have been allocated.


  6. nguyenhung says:


  7. SteveL says:

    Did this win the prize for “The gizmo most likely to get you cavity searched when boarding a plane” category?

  8. andres says:

    nice hack, ohh, and im getting that floating banner on this page

  9. nguyenhung says:


  10. ladyada says:

    i dont think the y-box is functional. there’s an x-port in there (good) and a ‘452 or similar (reasonable) but anyone who has dont NTSC hacking knows you cant soft-gen colorburst NTSC on anything less than an SX…and they say on the site its a ‘proof of concept’
    i think probably everything but the TV stuff works.

  11. SOI Sentinel says:

    Actually, there is a chip that could do the ybox trick. The Parallax Propeller. It’s quite a nifty chip, although my personal designs cannot really use the chip as I usually want more IO and at least one faster CPU. It’s eight cores and integrated composite video generator hardware should easily handle all that you see. Hmmm… I need to think, there may be some use…

  12. M4nt3 says:

    Y-box cool, need things like that in todays world.

    The purse not so cool. Any of you look at it’s blog, Most of the photos are crappy and it just dumps photos on to a web site. What be cool…. Someone stole your purse and it told you where it was and who took it.

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