WiCrawl – Next-gen WiFi auditor

At ToorCon, our friends at Midnight Research Labs released a new automated WiFi auditing tool called WiCrawl. WiCrawl automatically scans for accesspoints. Once an AP is discovered a number of plugins can be run against it ranging from getting an IP to breaking encryption. Aaron Peterson’s talk and demo is 50mins. You can download the 640×480 170MB .mov version here. The tool is going to be included in the next BackTrack CD.


  1. Dok says:

    I am definatley getting a copy or whatever of that. esp if its automated completely. like all u have to do is add it to your start menu.

  2. Lucidix says:

    hmm, am i the only one that sat here a watched the whole thing? if its mainly writin in perl, whats the problem with compiling it for windows?

  3. tuckie says:

    wireless drivers

  4. ... says:

    yay, elliot is back :)

    After watching 98% of it I can say that it certainly looks like if will be an amazing program, but it will probably be plagued with the problems that everyone’s system is different, so you have to mess around with getting the drivers set up correctly…

    I am also eagerly waiting for the day that they get it working of the wrt54g, you just plug your computer into the ethernet and looks at the web page to see how things are going as it runs aircrack…

    Fun stuff!

  5. madd_matt says:

    The problem with porting to windows, is, as tuckie said, wireless drivers. Specifically, its very easy to interface in linux; it seems they’re just using iwconfig and libpcap, along with many other linux-only utilities. Porting is definately possible, but would require some work.

  6. Monster says:

    dude, i just downloaded a kanotix live cd, it boots a linux distro (a modified kanotix) into ram from your cd-rom and doesn’t touch your hard drive.

    i found the link from a toms hardware WEP cracking how-to. its at http://tinyurl.com/yynyqc you can click my name and it should open it though.

    so would a live cd work for this? you could theoretically add the programs to a cd-r or dvd-r live cd so yu had an os and programs on one disc, right?

  7. Xan says:

    A live cd would be fine, you just need to use a thumb drive or w/e to write the packets that you capture >_

  8. Monster says:

    cool. this might sound stupid, but will th kanotix cd recognize my attache 128 mb thumbdrive automatically or should i boot with it in?

  9. Pseudo Idol says:

    Near the end of his talk he mentioned it would be on the next version of the Backtrack Live CD. That version he spoke of was released on Friday so you can download it at http://www.remote-exploit.org/index.php/BackTrack

  10. Xan says:

    you have to mount the thumb drive

    so like on the older backtrack cd theres something called ‘qtparted’ and you can mount it through there =

    i think the hardest thing is getting drivers to work on linux in the first place though… besides i dont know what i’m doing a huge percentage of wireless chips dont work on linux, and that pisses the hell out of me……

    Why cant i use my built in wireless Broadcom card that came with my laptop, instead of buying some $100+ card… it is stupid >_> zzz
    and its like some cards are like half supported…
    i have an SMC2635W and after searching for hours everywhere they have linux drivers and it doesnt work or something… zzz impossible ,,,,…..

  11. aaron says:

    Hi all:

    Glad to hear people are interested in the tool.

    Regarding the port to windows: It’s definitely on the roadmap, but we have a few things to work out first. We need to push some of the functionality (like association, etc) from the plugins into the core in a more portable fashion (like someone pointed out, some of the functionality/tools we use at the moment are currently linux specific). I think, however, that BSD/mac os is the next target (mostly due to ease of implementation).

    Regarding configuring wireless drivers on linux: Yeah, this still sucks in general for many reasons. I wish we could do something about this. As far as wicrawl is concerned though, you should be good as long as your card can be put into monitor mode (so if kismet works, wicrawl _should_ work, and you don’t need to do any extra configuration as long as linux sees your card properly). We think we have good coverage in terms of card support, but please update our wiki (http://midnightresearch.com/wiki/index.php/CardSupport) with how your card works (or doesn’t) so we know for sure.



    (ps. Thanks Eliot for the post and good video editing, :)

  12. TJ says:

    Does anyone seriously try to do wlan scanning and auditing with Windows?

  13. Joe Mama says:

    I don’t see that this has been added to backtrack yet, I tried version 2.0 public beta.

  14. Mike says:

    Has anyone a clue what song it is at the beginning of the Video??


  15. spiderwebby says:

    that has to be the worst online video player i’ve ever seen.. just clicked on it to try and replay a bit i missed and it dumps me back of the beguining.. (i cant wait for gootube….)

  16. spiderwebby says:

    looks really cool tho

  17. Monster says:

    how exactly do you mount a thumbdrive? i’m am a complete linux virgin.

    which would be the best ubuntu version for an athlon 64 xp3200+ with a scrounged 30 gig drive? if you need more info sned me an email @ sonicrdcr(you-know-what goes here)yahoo.com, my name should setup an email though, click it.

    i’ve heard good things about ubuntu for beginners, but theres ubuntu, xubuntu, edubuntu, kubuntu, fluxbuntu, and ubuntu server edition (i’m pretty sure the server edition isn’t the best bu thats just how new i am to this)

  18. tuckie says:

    I can’t help but think that there must be a better place to learn linux other than the comments section of hackaday

  19. Monster says:

    yeah, i was actually thinking about that after i posted. oh well

  20. james says:

    monster, get ubuntu. kubuntu is a bit harder to use, and xubuntu and fluxbuntu are designed for slower computers, certainly not yours.

  21. kaptk2 says:

    Why can’t I download the video? I get to 32mb and then it stops.

  22. Monster says:

    alright james, i’ll go with ubuntu. but heres the $23 question, which type?

    there is the PC edition, which is “for almost all PCs, including x86-based systems like Intel Pentium and AMD Athlon.”

    or the 64-bit PC Edition, for “computers based on the AMD64 or EM64T architecture (e.g., Athlon64, Opteron, EM64T Xeon)”

    i have a Athlon xp3200+ on an Asus a8n motherboard, which is it? as far as i can tell its both versions.

    thanks for the help!

  23. Studz says:

    Yes! please get this program to work in windows xp in near future.
    Looking really cool!

    nice job

  24. harsh says:

    pls provide me the activation key for wifi hack v2.1
    pls dear sir

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