9 thoughts on “electronic door lock

  1. Wow, thats pretty cool cause at my work we have these with keypads or using a key but they’re like $150+ bucks. Really cool if u gave it a keypad though too.

  2. wow!! this is a very different approch :)
    i hope he still carys a key with him ‘cos in the dorms i’ve been in that keyboard would have gone missing one night while i was out late….

  3. I go to UMR and made one of these using an old desktop with an unused parallel port. I picked up a cheap RF relay control board, so I don’t have to worry about theft, heh.

    I have to give this guy props, he did a hell of alot more dirty work for this. Also, in case the keyboard did get thefted, what about a web interface?

  4. Also, can you tell me how to crack/hack PIN keypad locks(keyless locks) along with schematics of these keypad locks and how they can be rigged or picked.

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