PSP analog stick part 2

I’ve been getting some help with How-To’s over at engadget. One of our favorite hardware hackers Ben Heckendorn put up part two of his analog joystick PSP mod. When he showed me the original I was surprised at just how simple this mod is. Part one showed off the wiring, while part two puts it in a clip on enclosure. Who else would strap a jerky tin to his PSP?


  1. jim says:

    I’m not normally one to complain, but this was posted at Engadget yesterday… And engadget gets far more hits than Hackaday. Hopefully we’ll get a more original hack later in the day.

  2. TJ says:

    All we need now is a hack that gets compelling software on the device, and the PSP might start moving some hardware units.

  3. mahder pwned says:

    or, we could maybe try to make a robot out of a HP95LX, the first handheld Pocket PC that came out…

  4. Ben Heck is posting on engadget?
    Then it get’s posted on HAD the next day?

  5. Cameron says:

    I gotta say, I like this…

  6. len says:

    ,nnc nsn asl

  7. Hi, I canít understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please :)

  8. 360experts says:

    Hey Ive been doing some crazy visual mods recently if your looking for something done then have a look on site. You can even buy backup games!!!

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