6 thoughts on “Locksport International visual picking guide

  1. yay 1st comment! (couldn’t resist)
    This is a nice guide, well written and very informative- i totally agree with their point that recreational lock picking needs some work on its image, and rather than ban/incriminate lockpicking tools it would probably be more sensible to restrict pick guns and other tools that can be used by much less experienced people seeking to gain illegal access to locks. also, the more people that learn how locks work, the easier it is to develop better, more pick-resistant locks, but not everyone has the time, money or inclination to do it professionally.

  2. #1

    And of course, by not using such cheap and easily picked locks would help too…

    For those looking for a cheat, lookup ‘bump key’ on eBay.

  3. Yep, that’s definitly one of the goals of LSI. The were actually on the cover of the Wall Street Journal not too long ago, anyone get a chance to pick it up?

  4. W00t. We’ve been hackaday’d. :)

    Thanks folks for the kind comments. We really felt it the time had come for something a little easier to get through than the MIT Guide. I hope everyone enjoys, and… tell yer friends! :)


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