Zune gutted

bunnie has gotten his hands on a Zune and done the best thing you could possibly do with one: tear it apart. Here’s a HiRes picture of the board. bunnie does note that the Freescale iMX31L is full of potential.

O2 sensor simulator

[Bob Blick] built this simulator from a 555 and few other common parts. Just when I thought I’d seen all the uses for the 555. The oxygen sensor on a cars exhaust is used to determine how efficiently the fuel mixture is to an engine. These can be a real pain to replace, so it can be helpful to fake the signal to the ECU.

DIY XBox 360 VGA out

Ben Heck put up his latest How-To on Engadget today. [I got the night off yesterday] He points out that MS was kind enough to leave all the pins in the xbox video connector, so we can add our own VGA port and get some real Hi-Resolution out of it.

[yes, today's hack will be up later. ]


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