DIY HD Projector How-To

Part 5 of my DIY HD projector How-To is up over on Engadget. I’m still finishing it up, but I should wrap it up in part 6. I’ll probably make a better reflector mount, but the rest of it is coming along nicely.

Tuesday mini-extra

[Jon] noted that this guy is using his Prius as backup UPS for his house. [It's been around, but's it's worthy.]

If you’re having issues with Eagle for the contest, [weirdguy] suggests this tutorial.

[Lain Sharp] sent in his three blind mice project. This is his version of the 3D mouse. with an AVR to send the data to windows via serial port.

[Michael] added an aux ‘input’ to his car stereo in a unique fashion – he wired it directly to the car speakers and drives them from his iPod. [I'm not recommending this, but it's certainly a different approach.]

Finally, [oliverjenks] sent in this table saw finger jig hack – using some random power transistors, light bulbs and a laptop to drive a stepper motor.

If you haven’t already, check out our Design Challenge contest. I finally got some fedex shipping notifications today, so I should be able to officially announce more prizes very soon.


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