Wireless video scanner

[aboxman] brought this nice wavecom jr mod to my attention. I first ran across scanning for wireless video signals a couple years ago when the X10 version came out. People were surprised at just how many video signals were flying through the air.This little project results in a unit that can scan a wide 2.3 to 2.7Ghz range. Of course, if you’re across the pond, you might want a european version.


  1. derek says:

    big fat hairy deal

  2. strider_mt2k says:

    Glad you could take a moment from your doubtless busy and fulfilling life to let us know how you feel there, derek. Good luck with that whole ‘puberty’ thing.

    A box like this could tell you if there is more than one kind of transmitter operating nearby!
    In the US many local law enforcement agencies still use a tiny slice of 2.4Ghz for surveillance purposes.

    I used to build surveillance gear. you’d be surprised at how many times they’ll cheap out and re-tune a commercial unit.

    Clever project and nice work too.

  3. N0QBH says:

    For those who don’t want to build the interface one commercial version is available here:

  4. jared bouck says:

    +200 geek points.

    Definitely a clever mod.

  5. Dreco says:


    It’s been done and much better designed imo.

  6. Tarasil says:

    Thanks for the help which has helped to adjust the interface

  7. Tassoman says:

    Would work also for WiFi presence?

  8. N0QBH says:

    To answer tassoman’s question, yes.
    I was tuning the modified Wavecom around the neighbors WiFi channel (2) at 2417 MHz and the tv screen started displaying white lines randomly. Went over and was able to correlate the tv interference to activity on the WiFi unit.

  9. ceaser says:

    I have the
    home sentinel 2.4ghz wireless video receiver model OS400 more info here http://www.overstock.com/?page=proframe&prod_id=1996496

    does anyone know what I can do with this ?
    especially changing it to 2.7ghz

    please let me know ceaserone(@)gmail.com

  10. n0qbh says:

    The Systm hack is a smooth piece of work. I designed my mod to scan the whole band, not just the 4 factory channels. One way to get the best of both worlds, especially if you don’t want to build and program my VFO interface, is to go to this site – http://www.hamtvstore.com/html/special_offers_.html and buy their 13 cm receiver LCD package. That gives you a wide banded, programmable receiver with a SMA antenna connector for about $110.

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