Ben Heck’s Atari 800 Laptop

Ben’s been working on this one forever. This new version 2 Atari 800 laptop features a CF drive, a RS lcd, original Atari hardware and lots and lots of friggin soldering. That keyboard is hand wired, along with the CF adapter. Unlike the xbox 360 laptop, this one’s got Ni-MH batteries that are good for about an hour of play.


  1. Madouc says:

    the url link could do with a ‘www.’ it doesn’t work without it.
    besides that.
    i think it’s a very cool hack.

  2. Lambda_drive says:

    I don’t get why ben would use those crappy batteries from the protable LCD tv. He could have gotten a lot more play time if you used R/C batteries.There are R/C betteries that have mah’s as large as 4300, you’ll get a lot more play time with that much mah.

  3. Bill says:

    The url worked for me without the www. (firefox

  4. WarriorRocker says:

    Yea, both IE6 and FF 1.0 seemed to like the url just fine. Anyway the work from benheck is always quite amazing. Even if we can all find room for improvement it is still quite a feat to begin with.

  5. andrew says:

    yea the battery was probably not one of his main goals… a decent li-ion or li-poly pack would be small and lightweight yet last for hours of use. but still, this is pretty cool.

  6. mathieu says:

    Aww… I hated the 800xl since i had the (cheaper/older/crappier) 600xl :(
    Never had a chance to explore the power of that friggin’ thing… Glad I got myself a C64 back then :)

  7. Josh McCormick says:

    Another item I’d love to buy.

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