Gauss Pistol Redeux

Remember this? We hit it last year. [William] has been working hard, and made plenty of improvements. Aside from building it in black, he’s built a new model. He’s even hoping to release it as a kit in 2007. The latest version uses a PIC to fire the coils and manages the batteries, uses a pair of IR sensors to time the projectile, laser sighting and improved charging. It’s still only slightly more powerful than a CO2 BB gun, but one hell of an engineering challenge. Theoretically, these could be more powerful than traditional firearms, but power limitations keep them repressed like mid-evil peasants.

20 thoughts on “Gauss Pistol Redeux

  1. even with the size and power disadvantages inherant to magnetic propulsion, I’m sure there are applications for a perfectly silent weapon

  2. It’s not on the site yet, but the price of the entire kit will be almost $400 bucks.

    A little pricy for most, but hell–people are still buying the Optimus-103…

  3. Very cool :) I wonder how it scales? The space constraints in the handgun form mean there can’t be that many capacitors, but with a rifle-sized enclosure and a small NiMH or lead-acid (maybe a motorbike battery) you could probably store 10x the energy.. but does that translate to 10x the projectile energy? Now we just need handgun-sized IR lasers…

    Ditto daniel’s post, it’s mediaeval (or medieval, depending on whose dictionary you read)

  4. ten thousand times cooler than airsoft. It kinda reminds me of the security sidearm in Babylon 5. You could even hear them “wind up” as they charged the capacitors.

  5. Daniel V Klein – You pointed out he mis-pelt “mid-evil”, but your correction “mediaeval” is just as incorrect :-).

    It’s “medieval”.

    Although technically the archiac spelling once used was “mediƦval”

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