Nike iPod hacking

Someone else’s apathy often becomes someones motivation. The guys at Gordian Labs got sick of trying to use Nike’s website so they dug into their iPods to find the data generated by the iPod+Nike running shoe add on. Then they put together a handy site for processing the data from the iPod. The site also accepts GPX data, so you can combine it with GPS data to track your runs and your routes. After they showed it to me, I prodded them and they put together a short How-To on getting the data under Mac, Windows and Linux.

Wii Laptop How-To (Part 1)

Part one of Ben’s Wii Laptop How-To series is up. Ben spends it discussing gutting the Wii, starting up his CAD process for designing the enclosure and makes the thing even smaller than it was before. Because the Wii is so small to begin with, I think alot of people assumed that he just slapped it into a case and added the display.


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