Watercooled LED backlit LCD

[john] mentioned this on the LCD LED backlight post. Given the date on the posts, I was surprised that we haven’t seen it before. He replaced the CCFL lamp with 32 1 watt luxeon LEDs mounted on a custom copper water cooling block. The result is bright enough to be sunlight viewable in his car.

Wii Laptop How-To (Part 2)

Part 2 of Ben Heck’s Wii laptop How-To is up. The first half is all about the little touches, wiring switches, extending connectors, etc. The second half delves into designing the actual unit. Some of the comment’s on Engadget seem to want a full bore step by step build, but fail to realize that he’s really giving them the gold. Very few designers give away their intermediate design steps – But I am reminded of some of the Star Wars movie extras…


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