Tesla powered Sauron’s eye

[Peter] sent in his latest Tesla coil experiment. He calls it the “Eye of Sauron” effect. It was created by adding a rotating breakout to an already powerful Tesla coil. It isn’t quite the same as the old evil eye of Tolkien’s dreams, the picture is a 22 second exposure of two rotations of the 7 foot aluminum tube.


  1. og style says:

    Wow this is cool

  2. justdave says:

    really really cool. genius

  3. Jason says:


  4. Tom Parker says:

    Woah now that is cool!

  5. bluebonics says:

    brilliant! … long live tolkien!!!

  6. Damon says:

    Meh. Its cool but as far as the “Sauron’s Eye” thing.. nah. 1 rotation per 11 seconds. So standing there it would look nothing like this photo.

  7. TGBM says:

    If that is a 22 second exposure than that guy standing in the corner of the pic must have been standing there for a long time…… its a cool idea… now just to make it move faster…

  8. megalo says:

    Wicked awesome! He’s lucky he’s in Australia. In Boston he’d be busted as a terrorist.

  9. Metal Wolf says:

    Full speed ahead, men!

    Cool project

  10. Super_chris says:

    The nigga bought aluminum tubes! Do I need to tell you what the fuck you can do with an aluminum tube? ALUMINUM! That don’t scare you? Fine. I didn’t want to have to say this but…the motherfucker bought some yellowcake, OK? In Africa. He went to Africa and he bought yellowcake.

  11. Jay Vaughan says:

    i got news for you, in australia they’d put you in terrorist jail just for thinking about building a freakin’ tesla coil .. everyone knows australia is owned by chevron, they don’t like no tesla shit down there whatsoever ..

    that said, i wanna make me a pocket tesla coil. wonder how.

  12. monster says:

    a jpeg is our hack? i’ve always defended you guys against the “zomg!1! this doesnt interest specifically apply to me, how lamezorz!” people, but really, could we have some text at least?

  13. ... says:

    Ok, where did all of these terribly misguided posts come from…
    in order:
    super_chris- Peter (ya, that’s the guys name) is a ~50year old white male. Also, yellowcake is perfectly legal to buy, since it is damn near impossible to make into weapons grade uranium
    Jay- He did have some trouble with the Aussie police, but after making a gigantic isolation transformer for his coils (http://tesladownunder.com/Misc.htm#Australian%20safety%20requirements) Also, pocket sized coils have been made http://old.4hv.org/index.php?board=7;action=display;threadid=1129;start=0

    Monster – There is also a link to Peter’s site. Click ‘rotating breakout’

  14. n3rrd says:


    Well, there you go, Monster. I guess that hiding the link with text in the second hyperlinked word in the paragraph was too much for you to figure out.

    Jesus christ.

  15. smilr says:

    I think Monster’s gripe is rather legitimate: the _read_ link takes you straight to the .jpg file rather than the writeup / article / blog post.

  16. monster says:

    yeah, n3rrd, it might have been. jackass.

    the read link is what takes you to the article or writeup, there was nothing to read there.

    should have been a link to the jpeg, then read takes you to the writeup

  17. monster says:

    …, that is a reference to chappelles show on comedy central. it was a skit about how much more attention people would pay if the president were black and trying to start a war for bullshit reasons

    and jay-vaughn was referencing the mooninite scare a few days agon in boston, heres an article detaling it: http://tinyurl.com/28vq2b

  18. Peter says:

    I’m the Tesladownunder guy. (Thanks for reminding me I’m 50).
    The photo turned out really well and only took a few hours modifications and an hour of setup and shooting.
    I take about 5000 photos a year of which 1 in 10 – 20 makes it to my site. I do a lot of long exposures in low light situations. Even though this makes it look more dramatic than it is in real life, a running Tesla coil is still dramatic. If you don’t think so, get closer. I am about 5 feet away with an earthed object in front of me so “fairly safe”.
    Yes I stood still for 22 seconds. (I am 50 – did I already mention that?)

    I have plans for a really good photo with more universal appeal. I am gathering stuff and constructing this weekend.

    Cheers, Peter

  19. PKM says:

    Further to that if you want to check out that skit super_chris quoted, it’s at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ERk0xfclLI

    I agree 11s/rotation wouldn’t have the same effect to look at, I don’t think he mentions how it’s powered other than “motorized” but I’m pretty sure it could be made to rotate faster than that. It could well just be a sensible safety precaution.

  20. Peter Terren says:

    Motor power is by a 24 V aircraft motor with a very solid reduction gear. There is no need to make it fast for the photo. To actually give visual blur at say 10 RPM the tip would be travelling at 360kph.

    Anyone have any ideas they think I should try?


  21. Peter Terren says:

    This one is even better, taken last night.
    “Aura of Sauron” with me stnding in the middle of the ring.



  22. SFo says:


  23. colin tulloch says:

    put machine reverse at boiling eye of static pull one big contat lense pull drag broken down in a big circule

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