Quickie: Hack-A-Day on G4TV

Thanks to [Ryan Bucshon] for letting me know that Hack-A-Day is up on Attack of the Show tonight. Looks like they’re talking about the Wii Laptop by Ben. Hit it right now.

Update: Excellent, I got mentioned, Hack-A-Day got direct coverage, then they hit Ben’s site, and mentioned Ben’s How-To series on Engadget.


  1. chri says:


  2. Crash says:

    Dude, HAD was on G4TV (the douchebags who bought out TechTV) three years ago.

  3. NEX2NUN says:

    Just caught the G4 honorable mention, nice work!

  4. naiku says:

    Great to see the Wii Laptop getting some tv time…even if its with one of the shittiest tv stations.

    rip techtv

  5. Gilberto says:

    Maybe the show is on youtube right now… ;)

  6. Xone God says:

    Congrats Will, It was about time… I have been watching AOTS since the start, and I thought That I had missed when they mention Hackaday. It took them years to introduce Engadget, and Gizmodo which is essential to anyone who is into tech news. NonTheLess, it made my day to see HackADay there.


  7. Paul says:

    Actually if I remember correctly, the first time I heard about HAD was on “the screensavers”.

  8. Paul says:
  9. Xone God says:

    I stand correct. Yesturday was indeed the first time Hackaday.com has ever been aired on AOTS. ScreenSavers Does not count as it was a prior show, I only mention Aots, screensavers’ format was annoying. aside from having Jhonen Vasquez on the show one time, it sucked. Moving on to a more important matter: Congrats HackAday.com and “Hack-Master” Will O’Brien in Making it into Mainstream TV.


  10. nickatnite says:

    wondering if anyone knows what happened to the nsaiswatching.com site. hopefully someone here knows what i am talking about.

  11. paul says:

    just fyi the screensavers was a much better show, which was actually about tech , not the watered down crap that is aots. the merger with g4 killed it :*(

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