Bent 2400 baud modem

This one wins my vote for unintended use of hardware. [nathan] sent in his bent modem. His breakout box takes midi signals in and uses them to generate various modem sounds from an old Packard Bell external modem. Now, how about some schematics? Hit the link for videos of it in use.


  1. Jakeh says:

    just when i was getting tired of all the circuit bending here and on makezine, this shiny little job comes along. Nice!

  2. Azurus Nova says:

    Listing to this its an interesting way to use a 56k modem here, but to me the sound its making just hurts my head and it sounds alot like the musical mistakes I make out of Audacity.

  3. Albannach says:

    He’s selling this gear on eBay ( so we’re not likely to see the innards any time soon.

  4. Vaughn says:

    I absolutely love all the ingenuity shown in this, and all of the other homebrew circuit bent mods out there, but I would love to see all of this cool hardware in the hands of someone who could really use it to its potential.

  5. Dill says:

    Oh man! When I moved last summer I had to get rid of a bunch of parts I had lying around that I thought I would never use. I swear, I had this exact same modem and I pitched it!

  6. Russell Williams says:

    I don’t understand the benefit? Versus recording the sounds into a synthesizer? I mean, the old Hayes compatibles were simply controlled by character codes. That way one could feed actual words into the music. Then a WinAmp plugin could demodulate the noise and splash messages across the IPOD and … somehow… we all get RICH!

  7. jan says:

    875 bucks for this piece of shit, I just can’t take it – ROFL

  8. n3rrd says:


    But then what happens to the modem afterwards? Might as well put it to some use.

  9. Mike says:

    Why do this? it sounds really bad aye. i mean how can you possibly enjoy that sound at all, gives me a headache, sorry.

  10. neliö says:

    oh man who’s gonna pay 200$ for THAT? sure it’s a cool mod, but still this circuit bending stuff has gone out of hand.

  11. neliö says:

    oh it seems he became a FULL TIME CIRCUIT BENDER! oh lol

  12. Cornelius says:

    so don’t buy it? duh…. I’m sure an adequate amount of time was spent designing/constructing. Maybe not $875 worth, but it’s still pretty neat.

  13. It’s a pity to see useful technical terms being misused, all V22 modems including V22 bis are 600 baud regardless of their data transfer rate.

  14. pkt says:

    I think I have a similar modem. I have a fair bit of old tech which I hope to use for something cool. This place will be amongst the first to know of course.

  15. Jes says:

    @ albannach :)

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