DC Entries: Last Batch

Here’s the final batch of entries we received and considered for the Design Challenge.

[Chris] sent in a stereo amplifier (watch out for pop-ups) designed for iPods (or similar) using LM386 amps and a minimal parts count.

[Fabian] submitted this excellent tube amp. It’s based on the ECC83/12AX7 tube, and runs off a mere 12-14VAC.

[Edgar] sent in this combination PIC/AVR programmer.

Finally, we’ve got a simple PIC/EEPROM programmer by [Ian]. (view the unzipped version here)

15 thoughts on “DC Entries: Last Batch

  1. looks like the first on in this list (chris — and his amp ) have gone over his limit can comeone link this of cache this



  2. I would love a better write-up on the tube amp, I don’t have a lot of experience building stuff like that, and tubes are heavy stuff.

  3. The tube amp is very interesting, it would have been nice to see the finished product though (or at least a 3D model)

    Congrats to all the participants, each one was well done.

  4. hi, i was the one who posted the tube amp. it’s pretty easy to build since it needs no biasing or adjustments. But I can write a more detailed instruction for building and tweaking the amp. It will take me a few days, however…

  5. awesome tube amp. but i’m having some trouble getting started.

    does anyone have a part list for digi-key or other distributor? im having trouble find parts for this sweet tube amp.

  6. Hi, I only have a partslist for a German distributor. But I might help you finding the parts if you want. Write me to fabian [at] tubedogg [dot] de.

  7. These contest entries have been great ideas.
    I just have one question.
    What are you guys using to read your .sch files?

  8. Thanks to Chris for adding the .ISO files. I don’t really want or need one but hey, I’m sure I have the parts laying around and if the work is already done for me, why not. Thanks!

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