PSP PS2 controller

[F00 f00] over at acidmods put together this PS2 -> PSP controller. Using some similar techniques to [Ben Heck], he tapped all the control lines on his PSP and broke them out to what appear to be mini-usb connectors. Looking like a matrix subject, his PSP attaches to a dash board suction cup mount. Via pspnews thanks to [wraggster]


  1. Crash says:

    Cool. I designed and vacuum formed a new case for my PSP, which has the ‘arms’ of the PS2 controller.

  2. Paul says:

    Very cool. I’d love to do something similar to my PDA as the inbuilt stick is really crappy for playing MAME etc.

  3. Mike says:

    Wow, really clean and professional looking. Good use of the connectors too.
    Too bad the controller is a haze clear and it looks like that PSP case is a crystal clear.

  4. th0mas says:

    - could you elaborate on your vacuum forming method? a reference would be enough to get me started. Sounds interesting.


  5. kael says:

    A similar mod that would be cool is using a PSP as a controller for the PS2. Of course, the PSP has only one analog stick so that probably won’t work…

  6. yakikuze says:

    thats so cool can u give me a tutorial doin that??

  7. Unbrick Psp says:

    Finally after hunting so many rubishy blogs, I finally find the information I have been looking for, thanks!

  8. Tim Wallinder says:

    OMG, i been looking in years for this. I can only use rigth arm, where do i buy this controll-mod?
    And do this modification works with ASCII Grip controller for PS one.

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