Shortened usb pcmcia card

[Rune] got tired of seeing the side of his USB card hanging out of his laptop. He cut it down and re-assembled it to keep all of it inside of his laptop. Nice clean work. I’ve taken PC cards apart before, and it’s a challenge to keep them looking this good after that.


  1. Chris says:

    Interesting… But did I understand correctly? That you neet to plug in USB power to it to make it work correctly?!

  2. Rune Kyndal says:

    this specific card didn’t supply 5v from the factory
    it shipped with a cable that powers the card from the laptops usb1 port

    which currently is unchanged. but I will upgrade
    the card with a miniature boost converter
    to produce 5v for the ports


  3. toaste says:

    From TFA:
    “Next version / Or upgrade will include a 3.3 to 5v boost converter.. “

    If you plan on making this a permanent fixture in the computer, you could draw +5v from the board somewhere — other usb (1.1?) ports are a good place, or a PS2 port depending on the age of the machine.

    Another option is to make the card occupy both slots (if two exist) to find room for a boost converter or to hide it in some other spare space and run extra wire to connect it internally.

  4. akmixdown says:

    he left out the most important part… how the hell he got the PCMCIA card apart without it looking like total ass afterward… :-)

  5. Liam says:


    Thankyou, this EXACT mod with the EXACT same card has been on my to-do list for some months now… you legend!

  6. Henry Hallam says:

    Beautiful! This really is a classic example of a clever hack that does its job well, looks good on the outside and functional-but-ugly on the inside. Bravo!

  7. Eric says:

    This is very cool, but I don’t have a laptop without USB to try it on.

  8. Rune Kyndal says:

    #4 akmixdown : You do it carefully :o)

  9. Corvus382 says:

    I have been waiting to see a hack like this for a while now. I wonder if it would be easier if you used smaller usb connectors like you might even be able to cram a 4 port card in a flush mount package.

  10. Rune Kyndal says:

    easier? it is absolutely possible.
    but you would have to use non standard cables then


  11. viktor says:

    just be careful with longer wires–i’m almost certain with the new wiring, it’s out of usb spec because you need controlled impedance for high speed stuff. trust me, I did some sloppy modding of a usb cable before, and you can’t get away with too much

  12. strider_mt2k says:


    It looks much better.

  13. LoneSwordsmanTheory says:

    Nicely done! How do you know which parts of the circuit are unnecessary? I’m considering trying this on mine, a cheap Dynex card, and don’t know if the layout would be the same. Also, how’d you get the card apart without breaking anything? Just a mini screwdriver, or something else?

  14. Melissa says:

    You are pointing out the same thigs here.

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