Brute forcing VM pin codes

er, [-] sent in this little project. War-dialing is classic. The Scanit is designed for VM wardialing from a cell phone. The interface is a simple sound card to cell phone device made from a cheap car kit.. A laptop does the rest of the work. Apparently the nokia they used responds to sound based send/end commands. (DTMF is easy) I’d like to see a schematic and some source code, but nothing in the project is too terribly difficult.


  1. Mr Jones says:

    Heh heh… ex wife is about to HATE that i have this hack! good job hackaday!

  2. random guy says:

    looks nice, but nokia’s 5110 does not have ir or modem. i think they meant 6110, it has same size and age. but anyway, the cell phone can be controlled via ir (call, hang up, etc. at-commands) and you’ll get sound input&output from phone’s pins (xmic & xear):

  3. Captin Shmit says:

    Wouldn’t this be a whole lot easier with Skype?

  4. Josh says:

    Ah – okay. VM == voicemail. So many abbreviations are overloaded these days that people really need to clarify them.

  5. Colin C says:

    Yea, one problem though. 3,334 phone calls over 8 hours is gonna cost a huge amount of money…

    Nobody think of that?


  6. ed3 says:

    If you’re on the same carrier as the voicemail system, the calls to the VM are free.

    Or, wait until the evening. Most plans have “free nights and weekends”.

  7. lonasindi says:

    how likely is it that the phone company will notice this very suspicious activity?

  8. js says:

    The major US carriers do some data mining to look for fraud, but none of them do it very well or in real time. The switches that might notice this kind of attack as it is occuring are generally not configured or able (depending on how old the switch is, model, etc) to see that kind of activity, so it is done after the fact from the billing database.
    If it were me, I’d assume that eventually the activity will be spotted and the PIN changed (even eve/weekend minutes are detailed in the bill, just not charged). But if you just want existing VMs or want access for a few days and don’t mind leaving a footprint, there you go!

  9. abb says:

    Right, it was Nokia 7110, not 5110.

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