My motors finally came extra

I’ll be hiding out in my workshop tonight, so I figured I’d give you guys a little extra today.

[Ashish] added a servo to his laserpointer/webcam range finder to give his microbric robot the ability to navigate before moving.
[Fredrick] got really motivated, built his own apple I clone and programmed it to play life.

[natetrue] built a sweet wireless motion sensor. [via hacknmod]

[sprite_tm] made a mechanical web page hit counter.

Some people, like [Nuri], really enjoy pain.

Finally, [chad]‘s got a different idea on alternative uses for the Wiimote.


  1. ... says:

    please, I beg of you, don’t abuse the sample process like that. It is because of you little turds that most companies don’t sample any more, or charge for samples. If you need to sample a single part, even 2, ok but if you need more than that man up and buy them.

    In any case, I like the wiimote bluetooth adapter! Does anyone know if it is possible to send data back out from the computer to a peripheral?

  2. Elliott says:

    i am working on a homebrew computer using the 8086 that i plan on having play tetris. i will submit it when i am done with it (soon hopefully.)

  3. Gilberto says:

    Hi, I love your website, very nice stuff.

    I was reading your extra, but I couldn´t find the project about that nice led display array. ( shown in the image).

    Could you please let me know where is at?

    thanks in advance,

  4. Lambda_drive says:

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