Fonera SD Card

[Jkx] sent in his fonera SD card experiments. It looks similar to the wrt54g mod – bit banging the interface works, but it’ll be slow. I poked around [Jkx] site and found quite a few goodies. (We’ve noticed his He’s built a nice tube amp, but his push-pull tube amp looks very interesting. Oh, and his simple negative power supply could prove handy,


  1. cde says:

    Maybe you should point out that this is for the OpenWRT version of the hacked Fonera, not the user-friendly (ie gui’d) DD-WRT version.

  2. lain says:

    i wouldn’t really call that “his” negative power supply, that’s taken right from the maxim datasheet.. but the site and other hacks are neat :)

  3. Joe says:

    This is sweet. :)

  4. Wolfmankurd says:

    I lik ethe negative power supply

  5. Woeka says:

    Also for OpenWRT there is a web-based GUI. It is available at

  6. barri melody says:

    can i lean this hack

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