iPod Laptop AKA iTop (take two)

It wasn’t [Ben Heck] this time. [Owen] sent in his modded iPod. Once the warranty was voided by some breakage, he decided to make sure it was *really* void. The fold is limited by the length of the wires – but I can’t tell from the description or pictures if he actually hinged it.

Update: I’m re-posting this thanks to some funky cms bug…

16 thoughts on “iPod Laptop AKA iTop (take two)

  1. Hah, quite pointless but a good time waster and trick to show off to friends. Maybe it could be orientated like a portable dvd player watching video clips?

  2. “Yes, by breaking it I void my warranty.”

    That’s right, manufacturer’s warranties do /not/ cover accidents. :)

  3. looks nice to me. My gripe was having to angle my video iPod somehow while letting it sit on the desk, since glare majorly affects it at certain angles.

  4. If the HDD were replaced with a CF card + adaptor, and the ribbon cable extended, you could probably fold it completely in half.

  5. ipodmods.com is a reliable source for a new screen. unfortunately it costs about $80. Still, that’s better than paying for a new video…
    Sort of sweet mod. Would be nice to see it as sexy as the original, but still sweet nonetheless

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