Getting ready for Defcon 15

Just stoking up a bit for Defcon 15 later this week. [Eliot] and I’ll both be there.
My personal coffee stash is down to a single selection of Ethiopian Yirg, so I probably won’t enter the coffee wars. (But I might stop by and add some Hack-A-Day swag to the pot for the winner.)

The final speaker schedule looks really good. It’ll be difficult to decide which talks to visit. The DefconBots event should be interesting. I’m hoping to see some original hardware creations.

Looks like wireless cracking is still one of the most popular topics. Hack-A-Day friend [Aaron] of Midnight Research will be presenting the latest on wicrawl.

Oh, and just prior to Defcon, the Pwnie Awards will take place at Black Hat.

See you in Vegas!


  1. Colin says:

    Nice. I’ll be there… come see me at the defcon bots competition. i’ll be the guy without any team members… lol

    any hackaday shirts this year?

  2. Larry says:

    I hope I run into you guys this year. I always seem to miss you, and miss out on the cool schwag as well.

    Care to trade? I’ll be bringing some of my own. I’ll be the heavily tattooed and pierced guy with the PaulDotCom Security Weekly shirt. Also the guy who had his RFID tag cloned at Shmoocon…

  3. mage2 says:

    I will be there, You should all check out the mysterybox contest. It was a blast last year. This year I hope to be more prepared. Ill be the guy in the black shirt.. ;) Im in team Ai , look for ponytail and glasses. Might have a baby stroller around (my cheering section).

  4. James says:

    i always wanted to go always does cool stuff there like paint the badges last year and got into VIP

  5. Barry says:

    Don’t forget to check out the talks by the Church of WiFi folks.

  6. Dan says:

    I’ll be there too! Unfortunately with nothing awesome to contribute other than skill behind a dslr. Assuming people let me, I expect to have a ton of awesome snaps.

    hey maybe i can bring my ubuquity/atheros rig and have some of the church of wifi folks show me exactly how to get it working right?

  7. Incudie says:

    I’ll be there to check everything out and have fun as well… see you all there.


  8. tiuk says:

    see you there!

  9. clonerific says:

    HOW I WISH TELEPORTATION IS ALREADY COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE! Man I’d sell (not all) my stuff to get there and participate! Maybe next time when I’m richer! :) Good luck all!

  10. Adora says:

    All ready to make the drive from San Diego to Vegas tomorrow…I’ll be the girl in the yellow shoes splashing back in the EFF dunk tank. =] Hope to meet some hack-a-dayers there!

  11. Rose says:

    Merry Christmas!Hope you has a good day!If you have the time, Welcome to my Web

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