Shirts are gone, but we’ve got stickers

I’m pretty happy with our skybox event. [Eliot] and I’ve both got a good pile of stickers to give away, so ask us if you want ‘em. It was great turn out for all the shirts we gave out. Thanks to [Eliot]s g-string water bottle, we raised $263 for the EFF. [Eliot]‘s heading to CCC later, so hit him up for stickers while he’s across the pond.


  1. rev says:

    i would love to have a sticker. i am even willing to pay for it. but please give info on how to get one. :) cheers

  2. Andrew says:

    Can I have one?

  3. Azurus says:

    I just got myself a case Im modding right now and I would love to get one to put on there.

  4. Kevin says:

    hi, i’d love to get one too.
    please tell me how to get one.

  5. Grobschmit says:

    Me want stickers too, if you want I can swap a grandmother for some.

  6. strider_mt2k says:

    I have to agree.

    a hackaday sticker would look wonderful next to my ubuntu sticker.

    Oh yes I’m virtual begging. that’s right.

  7. Alex mccown says:

    ive finely gota new laptop and time to brake it in I WANNA STICKER (you wouldent happen to be in ocean city MD some time this week would you :-)

    u gota make a deal with jinx

  8. zim says:

    will eliot bring some stickers to camp? that would be great!

  9. Cyclohexane says:

    I would also love to have a Hack-a-Day sticker.

  10. Izzy says:

    I want a sticker. Please please please with cream and sugar and a cherry on the top.

    P.S. Want to know how many amps it takes to make a 1/4 watt resistor glow bright orange? I don’t know, and I’m not doing it again.

  11. ethan says:

    I would love one of these for my skateboard!!!!!!!!!

    Ethan Steckmann

  12. Foose12 says:

    I would love to virtual beg for a sticker!


  13. Kieran Egan says:

    Yeah I wouldn’t mind one, but could you really send it ‘all’ the way over to Australia? … Hope so

  14. Proteus1935 says:

    Hey if you guys are willing to post to Brazil I’d love to have one =D

    It would look great on my laptop !

  15. yan says:

    I don’t know how exact your money tally, I donated $40 to EFF, partly because I picked up a shirt so I don’t know how accurate your count is :)

  16. Emperordane says:

    interested in some stickers…

  17. Johhny xtereme says:

    give me that sticker foo!

  18. moomoocons says:

    yes, stickers would be appreciated.

  19. will says:

    I really want a sticker or two, could not find you guys on the defcon floor. so now I am pleading to meet with you before you leave. I am in rm 926 in the Mediterranean tower.

  20. bodiby says:

    how about sell the stickers and donate part to the eff? everbody wins!

  21. rev says:

    i re-request a sticker. i will have you know i intend on placing it on my 97′ vw golf and driving it around charlotte NC USA.

    a few extra would be nice as i can distribute them as needed.

  22. Nic says:

    I’d be pretty keen to get some stickers over here in New Zealand. Let me know if it’s possible.

  23. DocZayus says:

    Me thinks a virtual hack a day shop should open.
    The proceeds would help keep this place clean and free of ads.

    Oh, and I want stickers too, would fit nicely on my car.

  24. alex oconnor says:

    hey can i have one or if you can why not 5 or 10

  25. Blake says:

    Good Sirs or Madames:

    I want a sticker badly, more so than any other person who has commented so far. If you could fulfill my request, I would be ecstatic.

    Also an autograph would be very cool; I would likely wet my pants.

  26. Sgt Pyroman says:

    I’d like one too. If you aren’t catering to virtual beggars, then I’d be willing to pay for S&H and anything else needed. Thanks.

  27. TheTubaMan says:

    Could i get a sticker??

  28. Harrison says:

    I’d like some stickers, but I have no way to get any. How about setting up a “Send X dollars to us and a self-addressed stamped envelope to Address blah blah, expect them in 2-3 weeks.”

    That would be nice.

  29. amyc says:

    would love a sticker too…let me know how to go about getting one.

  30. tapit says:

    i wouldn’t mind having a sticker myself!! thanx

  31. James says:

    i want some

  32. tony says:

    looks like this one is going in the most commented on record, anyhow how about a sticker ? i’ll pay for the postage.

    thank you

  33. orac says:

    Keen for some stickers, I am in New Zealand aswell. Thanks.

  34. kevin says:

    i gotta have one

  35. Elijah says:

    I would very much like a sticker. I am even willing to pay for one. How exactly might I go about obtaining one?

  36. sackofcatfood says:

    Yes, send me stickers!

    At last, my years of haunting the internet (and, particularly, hackaday) has culminated in a meaningful reward. Take that, outside world!

  37. mc says:

    I want one! I want one! I want one! I want one!
    oh please oh please oh please oh please!! :)

  38. salman says:

    i also wanna have that shirt

  39. depe says:

    Yeah, stickers are great idea. Everyone would love to have one!

  40. Azurus says:

    Well, looks like no one is getting one now that so many ask and some suggest paying postage.

    Thanks a lot. Ruins my chances right out.

  41. RazoR says:

    I want a sticker, not shure if it’s going to be easy. I live in Portugal. If you bother sending me one i’ll apreciate.

    Thanks dude

  42. doug says:

    I tried to hack my Yaris, oops, now I need a sticker to hold it together!

  43. doug says:

    I’ll stick around till I get a sticker.

  44. stormadvisor says:

    I can’t get to ccc to get a sticker. Is there another way to get one?

  45. joenspa says:

    I would shell out a few bucks for one too! How do we get one?

  46. photozz says:

    Can I has sticker plz? Seriously.. what would it take?

  47. Bouchard says:

    It would look great on the epic party-van I drive…

    sticker please

  48. Chuck Perino says:

    Please add me to those desperately wanting a sticker!

  49. Eric Thompson says:

    could I have one free of charge?

  50. scott says:

    Stickers!!! What would it take to send a couple my direction? You know, quiet like…

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