Shirts are gone, but we’ve got stickers

I’m pretty happy with our skybox event. [Eliot] and I’ve both got a good pile of stickers to give away, so ask us if you want ‘em. It was great turn out for all the shirts we gave out. Thanks to [Eliot]s g-string water bottle, we raised $263 for the EFF. [Eliot]’s heading to CCC later, so hit him up for stickers while he’s across the pond.

78 thoughts on “Shirts are gone, but we’ve got stickers

  1. If you are giving stickers, I would greatly appreciate one. Might be able to pay for shipping or something, I am in the US.
    Too bad there are no shirts left.

  2. I’d love to get my hands on a hack-a-day sticker for my car’s collection! I read this thing all the time. And I’d be happy to pay a little international mail postage to forward some to our international friends.

  3. If you have a PayPal account, I would glady pay a few bucks for 1 or a few. Donating to the eff is a great cause.
    I am in Canada, so I don’t know how much shipping would run. I would wait a good long time for it to arrive as I am VERY patient. Next year I am going to try my darndest to make it to defcon 16 and hopefully get to meet you and a few others from here.

  4. Oh yeah, I’d love to have one too. It sounds like you are just handing them out at the event, but if you indeed sending them, please let me know how to get one.

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