CCCamp 2007: Quad-copters

R/C quad-copters have been quite popular at CCCamp. Our friend, Dan Kaminsky shot this video of two different models in flight. The first is a 10K Euro commercial version, but the second one is a 500 Euro home built one. The commercial unit has a head mounted display so you can fly it from the onboard camera. There is a second video after the break that shows the maneuverability.

17 thoughts on “CCCamp 2007: Quad-copters

  1. Very interesting devices. I have been planning on building one for fun and other purposes. Anybody in the Bay Area (CA) seriously interested? :) We may create an ‘open source’ project. s q n e w t o n -at- h o t m a i l . c o m

  2. That first video copter is sweet. Wouldn’t mind building with a camera mount. I have my neighborhood believing in UFO’s after I get done with it. Nice

  3. just strap some LEDs on that thing, and go out in the middle of the night and fly it. You’re bound to have tons of “UFO” sightings…

  4. I have two of these……cheap ones, but you can buy them from those ones take a little bit of tweeking to fly that stable. If you want to speand the money, sells the dragonflyer; pricy, but controls and flies really well. The former one you can get on thinkgeek is made by silverlit, and there are alot of german sites that are fans of this platform. like…. Check it out, use the translate button to read it in english for those that don’t read the guttural.

  5. I bought a xufo which is kind like that. It was fun for a while then the mechanical gyro broke in flight about 20 feet above the ground. It flipped upside down then went down.

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