Propeller based UAV helicopter

I guess we’re on a UAV kick – I ran across this one when I was looking for interesting propeller projects. [Glenn]‘s building this one based on a R/C helicopter he picked up. Both the controller and the heli recieved a propeller chip, along with a pretty standard array of navigation sensors for the heli. It’s a work in progress, but sometimes those are the most inspiring.


  1. Rob A says:

    I love the propeller system. The whole concept of ‘cogs’ or code chunks, and having 8 seperate processor cores to assign code execution to with cross-timing is a GREAT idea, and it’s cool that it’s a completely home-brew-friendly system too. You can get these processors for around $8 from digikey.

  2. crgwbr says:

    yep, the propeller is a truly wonderful processor.

  3. EarlJr says:

    It looks like we took down his site.

  4. But all hellicopters are propeller-based! If not, how they would fly? =)

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