Tiny inline headphone amp

[Jesse] sent in this headphone amp. It’s really just a board with a dedicated smd headphone amp chip(MAX9725) and a pair of smd caps recycled from an old hard drive, but it does job. I think the goal is to boost low signals rather than the usual audiophile quest for cleaner tunes.


  1. drew says:

    thats realy cool it must have been hard l solder they shold build it into the end of a 3.5 mm jack

  2. I am really impressed, honest.

    That this is the worst prototyping I’ve ever seen.
    I suggest that we make a competition called
    “Worst prototyping of the year”.

    Rules could be something like this:
    1) You are only allowed to use junk, the worse the better.
    2) Only rough tools are allowed.
    3) ??

    All good contests have three rules, what should be the third ?

    It reminds me of making music only using command.com as a digital sample.
    Damn I feel old.

  3. ex-parrot says:

    good lord that’s gross looking. a tiny little $5 zippy box would have benefited it immensely :)

  4. Mr.T says:

    i pity the fool.

    no really nice recycling.

  5. strider_mt2k says:

    Benjamin Sølberg Your snobbery is misplaced on a hacking website such as this.

    While making stuff “look pretty” is always a plus when it comes to this stuff, having the project _work_ is usually the main thrust.

    Hackers have varying levels of proficiency when it comes to this stuff so give ‘em a break.

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