Wiimote firefighting robot

Chad brings us yet another use for the Wiimote: firefighting robot. The Wiimote acts as a communications gateway via bluetooth to a host PC. The IR sensor is used to detect the fire, and the commands from the host are passed along via the Wiimote expansion port. The robot is pretty basic, but the use of the Wiimote to relay bluetooth comms via I2C is a fantastic hack.


  1. Alex McCown says:

    now add a flame thrower on it

  2. James says:

    I watched the video and this thing is cool.

    But the downside I think is that he used it to put out a match… If you are making a fire-fighting robot, shouldn’t you be prepared for bigger fires than a lit match? and how is a fan meant to PUT OUT A BIG FIRE??

    Excellent hack though :)

  3. right side left place says:

    Put that entire thing in an oven mitt, ( Except for the wheels and heat sensor)

    and then take it outside and light a cracker jack box on fire, and see what it does after you turn it on.

  4. OldVamp says:

    I think its really more of a proof of concept than a top of the line bot.

  5. Ice9 says:

    Would this work with only a nunchuck or do you need the whole wiimote?

  6. josh says:

    james- “firefighting robot” is a term of art. it refers to a robot designed to autonomously:
    .: navigate a series of rooms/hallways
    .: identify the “fire”, which is a lit candle
    .: stop the “fire”
    .: (and maybe then gtfo)
    the event itself was started by Trinity College (http://www.trincoll.edu/events/robot/) and has become something of a standard.

  7. Bruno says:

    @ James.

    This seems to just be proof of concept. The power to the motor could be used to control anything. Like a relay that would activate a pump.

  8. nom1 says:

    This is probably the best hack here for a long time. It is a well implemented proof of concept of such a robot with an extraordinary way of achieving its goal. Of course you cant stop a fire with a fan, you will make it just bigger! but that is not the point.

  9. bodiby says:

    as josh said, this is a common goal used for robotics contests. i remember the robotics club in my college building one of these bots over 10 years ago. the contest winner ending up being a guy that worked at a major toy company (mattel i think). he built a wall following robot that moved pretty fast.

  10. bluehash says:

    Very good setup.This is all I needed to control stuff from my Nokia N800. It’s already got bluetooth, and works on Linux.Cheers to open source!

  11. Marco says:


    You lack vision !
    If it’s a larger fire you just add more wiimotes to the bot..d’uh ;-)

  12. Nox13last says:

    (Alex McCown: now add a flame thrower on it) QFT, That will win our wars.

  13. Brian says:

    Wouldn’t the fan just ‘fan’ the fire so to speak? I’d probably add a mini-fire extinguisher.. it would only weigh a few extra ounces.

  14. guy says:

    yeah, i also find the use of a fan odd. Perhaps the ‘grown up’ version can use a can of compressed CO2.

    Bodiby: it doesn’t matter which toy company he worked for, he probably works for mattel now ;)

  15. Hax says:

    This would be great if scaled up to say powerwheels Jeep size with a decent pump and water tank attached.

  16. Sorcerer says:

    LOL! Won’t the propeller just fan the flames?

  17. WiiData says:

    Great Mod. I’ll soon writ an article bout it @ http://www.wiidata.net

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