ToorCon 9 this week

We’re sitting in Chris and bunnie’s awesome silicon hacking workshop at ToorCon 9 right now. It’s going really great and we’ll be posting updates from the conference through the weekend. Let us know if the comments if your going to be here too.


  1. Jonathan says:

    Is that Glenda the /cylon/ Plan 9 from Bell Labs Bunny?


  2. pedro says:

    wish I was there!

  3. Forrest says:

    lol, first hackaday color image

  4. eviljeremy says:

    I hope the rest of the conference is amazing, I’m only able to go down for the talks on Sat/Sunday :(

  5. Allen Porter says:

    I’ll see you there

  6. Andrew says:

    “Let us know if the comments if your going to be here too.”

    shouldn’t it be “in the comments”

    not trying to be a stickler just saying you know..

  7. Alex Dodge says:

    Yes, sir. San Diego for the win.

  8. Incudie says:

    Ah I was right next door to you in the pen workshop =p

    Thanks again for the stickers man!

    I was talking to Bunnie after words… damn that dude knows his stuff like no tomorrow.

  9. mem says:

    Nice touch having Glenda in the pic :)

  10. alex says:

    anyone know if these talks, workshops, etc will be put online (as video, audio, ppt, text, etc) later on?

    i would really like to see some of these, but they are several thousand miles away :|

  11. Harrison says:

    #2, scroll down a bit.

    $1500 to get it? I’ll pass.

  12. Sylvia says:

    Chris knows his sh*t; didnt spend any school loans for all he knows! NOW THAT IS DAM HOT!

  13. Yup (thanks for the stickers). Putting up my pictures on flickr

  14. Napul says:

    Informated Article… Appreciated!

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