Stroboscope LED fan clock

[sprite_tm] sent in one of his latest little adventures – and I love it. To create his stroboscope fan clock, he put a couple of red and green clock hands onto a standard PC fan(I love Panaflo fans), then he built a circuit to strobe a RGB LED to create a set of virtual clock hands on the spinning fan. An ATTiny2313 does all the work, with the help of some transistors to drive the LEDs.


  1. pelrun says:

    That is one nifty hack – I think I’ll have to replicate this one… :D

  2. hitch says:

    thats one really ingeneous idea! i shall never look at am innocent looking case fan quite the same way agian.

  3. lonas says:

    tangential, but I wonder if it’s possible to create a strobe tuner with a PC fan and an led/laser?

  4. p says:

    this is awesome, but i want a vid!

  5. Willis says:

    @4 there is a vid… second page, youtube embed

  6. Willis says:
  7. wyr3x says:

    mm…seems is having a lot of traffic .. anyone, a mirror ?? ..

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