PySight post halloween entertainment

[John] sent in this setup that he hacked together for Halloween. He used a MacBook Pro with built in camera, a projector, a bed sheet, a kid friendly laser pointer and a hacked together combination of PySight and PyGame. The result was a fairly easy game of shoot Marshie. Nice!

10 thoughts on “PySight post halloween entertainment

  1. that is so simple yet so cool also the use of the macbooks camera is nice thinking i cant afford a projectors so i gota try something like this next year but hell if he could afford a macbook he could afford a projector (im not a mac fan)

  2. alex mccown,

    If this gets accepted for presentation at PyCon I’m going to make a Linux port that should work with any old web cam. As for the projector, they’ve got $400 projectors at now, I’m guessing that by Halloween next year they’ll have $250 projectors if you look hard enough.

  3. thank you,
    thats really cheep last time i checked they were $700-$1200 actuly i gota get some food so ill buy one of them while im there. i used to work with robo vision software awhile back baced on the sentry airsoft gun than i went to coilguns than i went to railguns teslacoils than i went to cnc mills and who knows whats next

    im on my iphone (because my sidekick broke :-P ) so sorry about the spelling it dosent correct my spelling like firefox or my sidekick did

  4. alex,

    The projectors were online only for $399. I believe that they are back ordered now. But you can get the same projector other places for $499 with a $100 rebate.

    The exact model is the ViewSonic PJ503D.

  5. i got one for $700 i dono the model sence its at home and im in my car :-P its nice i hooked it up to my comp and played counterstrike source it was KICKASS

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