Simple VGA test box

Sometimes it may seem like I suffer from goldfish memory. [Chris] sent this in a while back and I’d almost forgotten about it. He built a simple VGA test box using a PIC 18F452. I’d probably be more interested in using it to add simple VGA output to another project than use a test box, but it can definitely be handy if you need a small portable video test signal.


  1. werejag says:

    this needs to be in a small vga hoodie. way to big for what it does

  2. skot says:

    Seriously, has nobody heard of the Propeller chip from parallax? they start at like $13 and can do VGA/Composite/etc output like a mofo.

    The demo board (More like $100) comes with a VGA connector on it. Start doing realitively high resolution (for a mC) VGA graphics in minutes..

  3. goldscott says:

    It’s not good to do BSF/BCF instructions on IO ports on PICs due to the read-modify-write problem.

    Nonetheless, interesting project. I haven’t played with video yet….

  4. crgwbr says:

    nice point skot. i’ve been using the parallax prop for a while now and have noticed that no one seems to be giving it the recognition it deserves. hopefully someone will start sending in a few projects with it. i would send send in my projects, but most of it is closed source industrial stuff.

  5. Marco says:


    Nobody has heard of it. I was looking for a simple way to do OSDs 2 years ago and asked around all sorts of EE forums- not a single person had a good one-chip solution.

  6. MacMarty says:

    Interesting project, sort of. If it had real testing value, making a PCB for it would seem compelling, in order to help folks reproduce it. On the other hand, don’t most of us have -pa-LENTY- of VGA devices at hand? (Too many pooters in my house, I swear.)

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