Python Web based serial control

[Benjamin] sent in his efforts to use Python to provide a web interface for his Aurdino. Python is usually pretty easy to manipulate, so it might be just the thing for someone looking to add a web control to a project with an open serial interface.

If you’ve got a hack you want to share, use the tips line.

Google as a password cracker

Usually we’re into hardware hacks, but once in a while I run across something that’s just too good. [Steven]‘s blog was cracked a while back, and while he was doing forensics, he was trying to crack the md5 hashed password for the unauthorized account. Eventually he slapped the hash into Google, and guess that it was ‘Anthony’ based on the results that came up. Thanks to [gr] for pointing it out.
(Yes, I know it was on Slashdot a few days ago, but I don’t care.)


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