DIY 2.4ghz Spectrum Analyser

This project got some blog love last year, but it slipped past my radar. [jhecker] built a parallel port interfaced device based on a Cypress 2.4ghz transceiver module. The module is pretty complete, so as long as you can wield a soldering iron, you can pull this one off. The module is pretty cheap, so it could be just the thing for building your own signal detector.


  1. Roadkill says:


  2. Rich says:

    ‘Analyser’ is the correct spelling.

  3. Bergo says:

    cool write up. I’m tempted to build one, but I bought a wi-spy for work just a few weeks ago, which makes me less ambitious.

  4. initialdrivegtr says:

    the wi-spy i think actually uses the cypress wireless usb chip as well.

  5. roddefig says:

    I work with spectrum analyzers and I have never seen it spelled with an ‘s’. Neat idea, kudos to the author.

  6. tantris says:

    Looks like “analyse” is Australian.

    nice++ writup btw. Understandable, concise, not splattered over 20 blog entries, where you have to read backwards to know what’s going on. There’s something to be said about good old html and people who can use it.

  7. mcdave says:

    Stop with the “its not spelt correctly”. ‘Analyser’ is the British English way of spelling it, ‘analyzer’ is the American English way. Therefore it is correct. Same as ‘colour’ and ‘color’, or ‘memorise’ and ‘memorize’. See the link for the uneducated.

    Pretty neat idea though!

  8. spy tech inspec says:

    who cares how things are spelt, this looks to be a good analyser for you to ‘enhance’ your tech-knowledge etc…… my message to the creator and the other techno geniuses on this site, keep enthralling me with your knowledge and i will be your ever dedicated follower of ‘the science’ top marks ***** stars….

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