Console on the Kindle (and more)

[Dev] sent in an interesting blog series on hacking Amazon’s kindle. [Igor] has documented getting a console, the bootloader and more. Even if you don’t have a Kindle to hack on, it’s a good overview of hacking similar devices. He used a cell phone cable to build his interface, but I suggest getting familiar with the MAX232 family of semiconductors for cheap rs-232 to ttl converters.

4 thoughts on “Console on the Kindle (and more)

  1. WOW–this kindle thing has a whole lot of stuff in it. I guess it’s partly because Amazon’s new to all of this–I would have expected a simpler and more compact design for some of the components if it were from a company that’s been working on this stuff longer (is that external PIC uC really necessary?)

    makes it a whole lot more fun to hack, though =)

  2. hacking the Kindle holds huge potential IMO. Imagine free web browsing anywhere any time! Not only that almost any app can have a web interface (google docs)

  3. remember that the browsing that the kindle does must go through the amazon web proxy servers, so they can throttle or block access.

    out of the box the kindle includes a browser, so you have this capability today (it’s not a very good browser, but it is there and does work)

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