11 thoughts on “Internal bluetooth for 5th gen iPods

  1. the bandwidth on bluetooth is really low, meaning sound quality suffers. so although it’s a useful hack, the benefits come with drawbacks.

  2. Has anyone taken apart one of these stereo-to-bluetooth adapters before? I am hoping to make a dongle for my Pacemaker (www.pacemaker.net) when it comes in the mail, but the PCB in this guide still looks too big. Any suggestions?

  3. ummm
    regarding the bluetoothing as a file storage comment. yeah, that wouldnt work. this is adding bluetooth for headphones, not a serial data to bluetooth converter. im curious if you could actually do decent data trasfers using the onboard serial over bluetooth using ipod linux.

  4. Has anyone looked at adding SD capability as opposed to the CF? Or even a mini SD raid type setup? I know you can get CF to SD or Pro Duo adapters too, there is even a pro duo to dual SD for PSP, could that be used?

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