CNC Mini-lathe

Given my obsession of CNC projects, I’m surprised that we haven’t mentioned this project before. [Dave] put together an excellent site about his CNC converted mini-lathe. (The same on that I’ve got) He built a pretty simple stepper controller to drive it. Since the lathe only needed two axis motors, he drove the steppers with some mosfets that he triggered from a parallel port. The site has been around for a while, but I thought you guys would enjoy a classic hack like this one.

7 thoughts on “CNC Mini-lathe

  1. Dave also makes one of the best CNC driver software packages (TurboCNC) available for the hobby/home-shop machinist, and it’s affordable at $65 with complete source code.

    robotic regards,


  2. I’ve got the same machines as Will and I’m in the beginning stages. Designing the stepper driver right now.

    Who has ideas for cheap lead drives? I wanted to couple directly but my stepper ain’t powerful enough.

  3. had made a s/w to control a cnc lathe wihtout using G&M codes … provided a natural language interface for the CNC lathe (used VB AutoCAD and C++Open GL forthe interface and simulation)… if u need any info on this let me know

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