Lego NXT cnc mill

[btopley] built his own micro mill out of Lego NXT parts. The construction details are a bit light, but it looks like a great way to try things out without all the actual machine work.


  1. the video in that link is down. A cursory glance finds nothing.

  2. däniel says:

    looks cool, too bad the video is down.

    wish i had the time to continue working on my lego cnc (using rcx though, not nxt)…
    you can see what i’ve done so far here:

    man, university takes away too much of my spare time..

  3. Skyler Orlando says:

    Lego CNCs… next thing you know, we’ll have a lego robot with self-repair capabilities. Or a lego replicator. Or a lego fabricator… builds models based on LDraw models.

    I’ve got to get my hands on an NXT. ;)

  4. sly says:

    legos… great small scale prototyping material. changes are easy… durability not so easy… but who cares if you’re just trying to flesh out ideas.

  5. Billy Topley says:

    Wow, I had no idea anyone was interested in this. Maybe I should get it out the drawer and continue? Bit of a surprise when I saw myself on here…

  6. totokan says:

    Definatly continue this project. your Lego cnc looks promising from the pictures, although the video is down.

  7. greenarrow says:

    It’s a nice design and I hope it works, but from my experience, even with some fairly decent closed loop control it’s pretty hard to get the NXT motors to stop exactly where you want them. I’ve been working on Lego cartesian robots for a while for reprap ( My latest attempt is here: I ditched the NXT motors for some steppers from and old dot matrix printer. A bit of epoxy later and they work perfectly with lego. Hopefully in not too long I will be able to print 3D objects

  8. Eliseo says:

    Informative Article… AWESOME.

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