Urban sound experience

[Christiane] sent in a project prepared at the University of Applied Sciences in Würzburg/Germany. The idea is to experience urban sounds at various heights in a variety of cities. As feet are detected on a step, the experience changes to simulate an increase in altitude. A pair of surround sound headphones, some proximity sensors, an Arduino and instantaudio make everything work.

7 thoughts on “Urban sound experience

  1. thats an art installation

    artists have been experimenting and inventing things forever. art is deeply entwined with the hacker ethic!

  2. the thing about art is that you cant really say something negative no matter how inconsequential the work is, or you’ll get snubbed by an army of led throwie wielding gents out to make a statement.

  3. This would be interesting combined with that 3D audio recording concept – I recall hearing a very 3D sounding matchbox. Anyone remember what I’m talking about?

  4. I have to wonder if hearing a city from different distances is all that interesting, but it’s an interesting concept none the less. I would like to throw those headphones on for a test run…

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