9V battery as a project case

I stumbled on [Carlos]‘ blog while I was hunting for Arduino ideas. This simple IR detector caught my eye – not for the project, but for the project case. He stuffed his IR detector inside an old 9V battery case. The TSA probably won’t like it, but it’s a fantastic idea for those smaller projects.


  1. Moolc says:

    hmm, arduino stamp+9v battery+???=profit

  2. Dane says:

    would be a heck of a stylish music player. (drilling out the larger negative terminal for a headphone jack)

    the problem at that point wouldn’t be the circuitry but probably where to cram in the batteries.

  3. Basic A. says:

    Thats why you leave one or two of the little 1.5v cells in there, power it offa that… probably not your safest move, but, it would work… take up some space though. Maybe stick an empty 9v on top a full one? Put a 9v clip into the base of the gutted battery, circutry on top, click another nine volt of the bottom… idk, cool idea though.

  4. pelrun says:

    If you use a fresh 9v battery you can leave in a couple of the 1.5v cells that it’s made from and cram the circuit into the remaining space.

    Alternatively small li-ion cells are available which should fit easily – and charging chips like the MAX1555 are *tiny*.

  5. fx says:

    this is good. i tried it, it works…

    Earlier i saw something of similar sort on http://www.taranfx.com

    Your Source for Music

  6. Skyler Orlando says:

    This is pretty cool. I’m going to have to use that idea… I’m thinking maybe a taser? :evilgrin:

  7. uterrorista says:

    a simple IR detector:
    Grab your cellular phone and Video record The IR LED.
    The phone will caught IR light :D
    try it..

  8. Adam S. says:

    “…and what most people dont know, you can hide your weed in there.”

  9. Jack Dalton says:

    This could be quite useful for audio surveillance equipment.

    I could even embed some watch batteries so that the device really did provide 9V — albeit for a short amount of time.

  10. tool says:

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