18 thoughts on “Ben Heck’s PS3 Laptop

  1. Well it looks nice and as usual shows he’s got skills.

    But once again WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THIS?

    I hate Ben Heck

  2. Looks excellent as always, Ben Heck does amazing work, I for one would love a ps3 laptop. I need a linux laptop for work anyhow and being able to play the odd ps3 game or bluray movie @ lunch would be nice.

  3. Once again, Ben proves that you can never go over the top. This mod is slick, sexy and just freakin’ awesome. Way to go, Ben, that makes all three current-gen consoles. I can’t wait to see what you do with the nigh-announced next-gen.

  4. @riax

    judging by the photo you sent, you were infected before visiting benheck.com. your antivirus must have misinterpreted. a quick google search says it came in through a malicious java site, and is nondestructive.

  5. @Steve

    The page load was temporarily suspended each time AVG detected the virus and asked me what to do about it. Therefore, I’m pretty sure it came from something on the main page of benheck.com.

  6. Ben heck is the man.

    I propose we make a statue of him and then modify the statue to make it more portable, and then make a statue of _that_.

    The resulting statue will be put on display at the Smithsonian museum, or at a really cool park somewhere or something.

  7. He must be keeping up with his dexedrine or adderall therapy to keep with a project for that long.. lol :)

  8. if there was a way to get one of his inventions i would jump through hoops to get one. the ps3 laptop has to be the coolest thing i have ever seen. i need one.

  9. that’s really cool
    i was looking at the pix gallery and was kinda sad that it didn’t have a HDMI out tho.. for kinda portable gaming on a big screen !!!!

  10. Well, its 2011 and no full tutorials on how to make one. unless you have a slim your gunna have to try to make your own with the ps3 phat…

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