Autonomous Catamaran

[Gabriel] put together an impressive writeup of his autonomous catamaran, Atlantis(PDF). It was certainly done as an academic project, but there’s a thorough explanation of the math logic behind the control systems. The heart of the boat was a waterproofed Pentium laptop with a CAN bus parallel interface used to talk to everything on-board. Sensors included GPS, wind, hull speed and rudder angle. In case the site can’t handle the load, I’ve mirrored the 1.4MB PDF here.

7 thoughts on “Autonomous Catamaran

  1. And here I thought the fun part was actually sailing the boat and enjoying being on the water. shows how much I know.

  2. @ Heem: the fun part in _this place_ is hacking stuff.

    Shows how much you know about the places you hang out in. Good luck with that.

  3. If your intereted in this then you might be interested in the Microtransat, a race of unmanned sailing boats from portugal to the caribbean which is taking place in october this year.

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