Buy Ben’s PS3 Laptop

Just a little public service message: If you’ve been drooling over [Ben]‘s work and have plenty of loose change, his PS3 laptop is up for auction to benefit the National Cancer Coalition.


  1. Alex McCown says:

    wow %100 of the sale price goes to support National Cancer Coalition nice job ben

  2. dash says:

    I saw the Apple IIGS laptop and I check it out Thats when I discovered Ben Heck, Completely marvelous person he is. Not only did he integrate these technologies that nobody if anybody has done or quite understands more than a manufacturer but he has given a great gift to the National Cancer Coalition Ben sets the bar high and the greatest part of him is he is just a normal guy…even though he’s a super hero to us truly

    Current bid: US $8,100.00

  3. sean says:

    It’s skyrocketed since then! Was $9,300 when I checked it out. Man I wish I had the money for that thing!

  4. sean says:

    oops, was $9,050! that was the winning bid too. dang I wish i had that much!

  5. Alex McCown says:

    yah sold to ahariri hope he pays :-)

  6. Dark-Star says:

    Wow. That is a serious sacrifice for charity.

  7. tjhow says:

    shows that there are still people who care out there!

  8. jonh says:

    i would pay 9 billon for it and i own sony and i need it

  9. jonh says:

    tell him to call me

  10. Thomas says:

    email me at on information on where i bought mine

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