Bump key experiments

[Barry] took one of his blog readers comments to heart and started wondering just what happens when you bump a lock. As suggested, he made a cut away lock core and started experimenting. [Barry] doesn’t have a high speed camera, so he tried some alternatives like filling the chambers with grease to indicate pin movement. Master Lock put together a nice video demo of lock bumping (in order to sell their new bump stop gear).


  1. Ari says:

    Awesome, more locksport articles. I’m pretty familiar with bump keys, but I appreciate the foray into the genre.

  2. sgt_easton says:

    I agree; more lock-related articles would be great!

  3. HaDAk says:

    I would love to have a set of bump keys, as I’m a securities major. Does anyone know a (legal) place to pick them up?

  4. mythgarr says:

    3: Buy a blank from somewhere that makes copies, or have them copy an existing key of the same type. You can then use a file to turn this standard key into a bump key.

  5. iblis says:

    hadak: There’s a decent howto for making them here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5177213949300140850

  6. Mono AoV says:

    watch the video “lockpicking for the new millennium” its priceless, goes in depth on almost every lock available and how to get around it. alot of the techniques are easy once you grasp the concept. the video was put out by South Ordinance, if you wanna buy it or any other lock pick gear they got nice stuff. heh, thanks to theyre folding keychain set i always keep my picks on me.

  7. Mono AoV says:

    sorry, that was “southern” ordnance… or just http://www.southord.com

  8. Nick says:

    There was a pretty good article in 2600 a few issues ago (thinking last spring) on Bump Keys… made a good illustration

  9. jope says:

    lol, just get rid of those pin tumbler locks and get some abloys in place. thank goodness I live in finland where abloy is the norm.

  10. Jeremy says:

    You can pick different sets up at our site http://www.bump-j.com.

  11. Fligen says:

    i had dilivery problems with a few other bump key sites, then i found http://www.bumpmylock.com got my keys ass promised and on time.

  12. vernon says:

    fligen what was the quality of the keys sent? are they filed down for the minimal movement technique?

  13. KinecTIC says:

    http://www.probumpkeys.com – nuff said. these guys were great, and i got my keys in a day – yaaaaaaa!

  14. FLaTLiN3D says:

    More lockpicking articles would be amazing.

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