Best of the rest

Here are some more stories from yesterday that we found interesting:

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  1. redfireant3 says:

    great, coming soon army of Doc Oct!

  2. Tijmen Stam says:

    I must say that I do NOT like the new daily “link” posts – it dilutes the reading experience of hackaday, because far fewer of them are real “hacks” in the sense like hackaday used to have. Also, there are far more than one posts per day – maybe the blog should be renamed

  3. miked says:

    i like these type of posts. i would prefer more ‘hacks’ in these, but i would take these over nothing.

  4. Wolf says:

    ^^^ Agreed

  5. adam says:

    agree with miked.

    content > lack of content

    why do people have to complain so much?

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