CNC milling gun parts

Gun issues aside, [Justin]‘s been CNC milling his own gun parts for quite a while. We’ve been a fan of his work simply because of the technical challenge that this sort of milling presents. Even if you’re anti-gun, you should check out the work he’s been turning out. Pictured is one of his early projects: a 92fs Beretta frame in the process of being milled from a solid block of aluminum. Our friend the gun nut is insanely jealous of his AR45 lower project.


  1. rasz says:

    nice, illegal in Poland tho

  2. Tom says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome.

  3. Q: What are the advantages/disadvantages of milling this vs. casting it or stamping it?

  4. david comeau says:

    i believe it’s spelled ‘beretta’

  5. Rubicon says:

    Casting is expensive and usually quite heavy in comparison to milled, however though, it is stronger. But that gap is quickly being closed. Stamping is considerably cheaper and I guess you could say less reliable, but not in the since of failure but in being less accurate over time. Most ak-47s are stamped. But you can do just about anything to them and they will fire, just don’t necessarily expect them to hit where you wanted. Milled is really where it’s at. I’m not even sure if anyone still casts parts for any modern firearm. The only thing I could see casting being used for is maybe sone internal parts and pieces, but even then why not just mill them. The tolerances just are that high these days.

    • wrong_buddy says:


      Casting is more expensive in terms of initial tooling, but the result is vastly inferior to machined metal. Machined metal has a very uniform grain structure and very predictable mechanical properties. On the other hand, casting will often have a varied grain structure and weak points where the poured metal may have cooled at different rates. Machined is the highest quality process available for metal parts, period.

  6. (R)RATT says:



  7. Adam Ziegler says:

    rubicon: I assure you modern gun parts are still being cast. Parts are also forged. And parts are also milled. Weight has little to do with it. Stamping sheet is also used, but one would not stamp the frame of a beretta. Each process has its purpose, and are not necessarily better / worse if used appropriately.

    I assist a gun smith with his cnc operation on investment cast frames and parts. Some of the parts are forged and then machined. I also personally cast gun parts, and machine them with a CNC.

  8. Wolf says:

    This makes me wonder what type of cutting tool would you use to cut other cutting tools?

  9. pdrift says:

    first, d.i.y. ballistic glass, then d.i.y. ballistic gel. now make your own gun…
    what is this the nra? cool tho :)

  10. loonquawl says:

    Please go easy on the shooting implements. Many non-lethal projects (e.g. the robotic airsoft turrets) fill the same slots(senseless but cool).
    As to cnc-for-weapons: what exactly is the hack here? this is a for-profit firm producing weapons.
    Oh. they didn’t just copy: They switched the mag-release from one side to the other! Necessary, because: ‘This way I can hold a pistol in each hand and just use my thumbs to drop the mags’
    Fuck yeah!

  11. Mike says:

    “this way i can hold a pistol in each hand and just use my thumbs to drop the mags”

    where did that quote come from? southpaws use firearms too. i’d love a beretta with the slide catch on the right. the mag release is already reversible, so that’s never been a problem. at least the safety is ambidexterous.

  12. Adam Ziegler says:

    “This makes me wonder what type of cutting tool would you use to cut other cutting tools?”

    They grind them! (There are other ways)

  13. Mike says:

    “this way i can hold a pistol in each hand and just use my thumbs to drop the mags”

    ok, there it is at the end of the second page. a bit of a silly sentiment. guns without mags are as useless as clubs, and you need another hand to reload the mag. oh well, the mag release was already reversible, so he really didn’t make any changes to the frame.

  14. n3tb1t says:

    no wonder that americans shoot eatch other, all info. to built a gun….

  15. cliff says:

    very cool, “no wonder that americans shoot eatch other, all info. to built a gun” and yet other countries have shootings too? wonder how that happens, cuz you know americans are the only ones with guns. :/

  16. daler says:

    I’ve managed to go all my life without being shot. In fact, I can’t think of anyone I know that’s been shot with anything bigger than a BB gun.

  17. Adam Ziegler says:

    @14 I suppose you are trying to tell us that your glorious country has zero crime rate, and no killings at all?

    Oh, and when did the information to CNC a gun shoot anything? I heavily doubt some two bit thug, or mass murder is going to first sit down to design and machine all of his firearms before they go off to commit a crime.

  18. Mister E. says:

    Reminds me much of work where we machine forearms, bolt tubes, bolt sleeves, trigger gaurds, butt stocks, hand guards, flash suppressors, recoil checks , and a few other parts for Armalite’s 30 and 50 cal. line.

  19. Frank says:

    A great deal many more of this type of project can be found at:

    This forum is highly skilled, and a civil tone is the norm, so bring your manners.

  20. unomi says:

    The Swiss have guns in their homes too. Has been told, that they pick their own gun after their liking, learn to shoot with it etc. Train every year to keep the skills up. Switzerland doesn’t have a real army, the whole country knows how to shoot.

    But the crime rates are at the lowest of whole Europe and everybody keeps their doors unlocked.

    - Unomi -

  21. Dr. H says:


    The Swiss do have a professional army. It isn’t very large but they make up for that by being exceptionally good at leading, teaching, and organizing groups. They are similar in training to the US Special Forces, The UK Royal Marines, or the Canadian Army’s Special Forces.

    Then there is the civilian militia who is made up from the Male population involuntarily and the female population voluntarily. Yep, if you are a male between the ages of 18 and 50 you are in the militia, regardless of your opinion in the matter. You are assigned a fully automatic assault rifle, ammunition, and all of the proper military gear to go with it. And you will keep it stowed and locked up properly or else.

  22. praveen says:

    hi friends cnc machines are great machines main is to know the cnc programming

  23. pinky says:

    this is the gun Milling

  24. or_muddslinger says:

    Great article. Anybody who bitches about Americans and their guns are just extremely jealous. It all comes back around to, “Mine is bigger than yours!!!”

  25. triodetube says:

    hey how can you make a barrel out of a tube? I mean what machine do carve those spiral canal inside the barrel? Enlighten me….

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