3 thoughts on “DIY TomTom docking station

  1. oh mah god that is so ghetto, i love it

    but Tomtoms are still WAY overpriced

    in Poland you can get Chinese knockoffs running Windows CE like Akira 3512 or Manta 020 for $90
    you can unlock them to a full windows mobile mode and install TomTom on them :)

    this it
    3.5′ touch screen
    Windows CE 5.0; Procesor Centrality’s Atlas II 400MHz; SDRAM 64 MB; 128MB Flash

    all for $90 and you can unlosk it to full windows CE access

  2. I’ve always wanted to use the tomtop map data on SD for my own nefarious uses.. does anyone have specs or hacking info on the map data?

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