Universal joystick USB interface

Building on his USB NES pad interface, [Raphaël] released a universal USB joystick interface. It presents a HID device with four directional buttons and eight general purpose buttons. The board uses an ATmega8 and implements USB entirely in software.


  1. veysel says:

    osman_eminem msn si hackaday veysel tarafından el konulmuştur

  2. Miles says:

    Sweet, l built the gamecube/n64 version of his adaptor yesterday, and the day before that l made his Playstation version. l am considering making a housing with an included parallel connector for programming and all extra pins on headers (like a minimal arduino clone), just so l can use one board for whatever adaptor l need. lf l knew a little more l would experiment with storing multiple banks of code and a method to switch to the correct one.

    l only have one problem with this implementation, no potentiometer support for the x/y axis, see http://www.flightsim.com/cgi/kds?$=main/howto/mind.htm for what l have in mind. lt would be great if this simple controller version supported only 2 axis (or if l had a clue about C so I could tweak the code).

    The plan is to put a DualShock joystick into a digital psx pad instead of the d-pad, thus making the perfect controller, slim, light, and with a stick you can actually use. 90° control of a stick with a hyper-extended thumb is not my idea of ergonomics sony!

    lt is really too bad, the sony digital pad is my all-time favorite gamepad, l use it on everything from my pc to my xbox to my gamecube, don’t yet have the dreamcast adaptor, too expensive.

  3. Miles says:

    Hey, more news from the front lines, an implementation for retro controllers:


    * Atari / Commodore style joysticks, up to three buttons
    * Sega Saturn controllers
    * Sega Mega Drive controllers with 3 buttons
    * Sega SG-1000 Mark III / Master System controllers
    * Nintendo Famicom / NES controllers
    * Nintendo Super Famicom / SNES controllers”

  4. glowing says:

    That’s nice, but for those of us with 10 thumbs, this is a better alternative:


    They have Atari styled joysticks all ready to go brand new and it has an expansion header inside for wiring up extra buttons and such and hey for $16 man you can’t beat that!

    I saw that the guy doing these is now talking about a Commodore version next.

  5. darren walsh says:

    Hello please forgive me if this is a rediculous and impossible idea but could these adaptors ever work the other way?
    I would really like to play on my sega megadrive with my tournament edition fightstick.

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